“God bless the absentee…”

January 20, 2009

Coffee on I-Day at the East Burn.

Coffee on I-Day at the East Burn.

I really don’t want to post about Inauguration Day. I’m not sure what’s more depressing about this election: people who waited for a new administration to become agents of change, or people who griped about the previous administration and won’t change as much as their socks with this new one. I guess can admire the latter for consistency.

When it’s all said and done, I’d love to have the honor of meeting either George Bush or Barack Obama and being able to sit with them away from all 01200909173the press and politics, and chat about something real. Perhaps we’d talk about those last moments right before you fall asleep and those first few in the morning as you wake up. Those brief moments when you are simply you with no real effort or concern about anyone or anything else. Or maybe we’d talk about music, or history, or food. I don’t know really. All I know is that the responsibility of final judgmentwhether you believe it belongs to God, fate, history, or no one or thing at allis thankfully not my burden to carry. I respect both men just on the basis that both were willing to rise to the challenge of having one of the worst jobs there is. I’m just here for the ride…and obviously the coffee.

As an aside, “Barack Obama” gets flagged by the spell checker. I don’t know why I find that funny.


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