January 25, 2009

English Breakfast Tea, Bacon, Onion, Swiss Quiche

English Breakfast Tea, Bacon, Onion, Swiss Quiche

I’m really looking forward to my WordPress blogging adventure. Blogger has treated me well, but WordPress…there’s just so many buttons!

Anyways, I would like to share a habit I’ve gotten into. It’s one that has actually been around since before I made the decision to migrate to WordPress, and has something to do with the pending name change of this blog. If you don’t know me, I spend a healthy percentage of my life in coffee shops. I do most of my reading and writing there (no computers allowed) and it beats the alternative which my house. This will likely change when I get a laptop and move to my own apartment where I likely won’t pay to have internet if I can go to a cafe and get it for free.

Anyways, I’ve developed a habit of taking pictures of my coffee purchases with my cell phone camera. It’s the only practical use I can find for a cell phone camera, and I can take the pictures fairly inconspicuously. I don’t want to look like one of those guys who takes pictures of his coffee. Also, as an added plus, it will keep me posting about as regularly as I go out for coffee and also temper my coffee purchases (“I’d like to get coffee, but then I’ll have to post…”).

Anyways, since the cell phone pictures have dates on them, I can go through the process of posting the older coffee pics I’ve got. So you won’t see many new posts, but you’ll see lots of older ones. Man, this sounds like a lot of work. Lame…

So yeah, these are from Kristin Lagasse‘s concert at Muddy Waters

Emotionally Intelligent Signage

Emotionally Intelligent Signage

Coffeehouse. The quiche was awesome by the way, and I opted for the English Breakfast tea. Added bonus: The emotionally intelligent signage (Dan Pink‘s term, not mine) on the tip jar. Not just “Tips” but “Rent, Electrical, Gas, Water, Karma, Dog Food, Tuition, Better Service, School, Books, Equality.” You bet your ass I tipped.


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