Remembering the “fun” in “dysfunction.”

June 20, 2009

Breakfast @ Mamacita's Mexican Cafe

Breakfast @ Mamacita's Mexican Cafe

I’ve performed enough improvised music to recognize the odd, chaotic way related events can line up to make fortune or misfortune alike. Buying Douglas Coupland’s All Families Are Psychotic on a whim a couple days before my own family life played a variation on that exact theme was, if anything, musical. Long lost uncles who work on fishing boats dropping in from Alaska and unheard-of cousins calling me on my way home from work, for me, is getting off light.

Am I complaining or am I celebrating? Neither. As I said, this is business as usual for me. Attempting to

I'm gonna' need glasses too? Oy...

I'm gonna' need glasses too? Oy...

genetically decipher your future balding patterns, discomfort with flying, and condiment preferences from people you last saw before you lost your baby teeth is simply part of the fun. I quote a purple haired vixen from a fanfiction novel based on an anime series from the mid-‘90s:

It’s just nice to think that there’s a reason why you’re so messed up. That there are people somewhere that just by the sheer power of their genes made you this way. It’s nice to think the way you are isn’t an accident.

Wise words, Ms. Valentine.


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