I dub thee…

July 1, 2009

Yes friends, it’s official. I’ve coughed up $15, and now my little corner of the interweb may be found at juliosus.com, from this day forward.I intend to celebrate by breaking a bottle of champagne on my monitor.

As you may or may not know, I began this crazy little blogging adventure four years and a month ago, working the night shift at Safeway in the summer between undergrad and grad school. I actually had full intentions of quitting, but I heard a statistic that the vast majority of blogs receive little attention and go the way of the dodo. Since nothing irritates me more than following the crowd, I cherished in my low numbers and kept up my blogging to spite both the trend and myself. Much to my bemusement, I’m still at it. I’d like to quit, but now that Twitter is the thing to do and blogging is sooooooo last year, I’m even more proud to stick my domain name flag in the ground and keep shouting nonsense into the abyss. Bring it, fool.

In the spirit of this occasion, I figured it would be best to re-visit the disclaimer which I carefully articulated on old Extroverted Introversion back in February 2006. Some of the info is outdated, so I’ve made a few corrections. For the most part, it still rings true.


I hear that part of the reason people chose to have blogs is so they can keep people updated on their personal activities, provide some kind of social commentary, or serve some greater universal entertainment purpose. I would like to take this opportunity to re-assert the following:

1) My life is boring. It consists of playing the bass, studying working, being very poor, reading, sleeping, and the occasional social activity. Most of my posts are derived from how boring my life is. If something interesting does happen to me I do not hesitate to mention it. If my life seems to be full of exiting or interesting events, I’m probably making some of them up (but not the Red Power Ranger post. That one was real).

2) I do not feel obligated to offer social commentary. If I do provide it, I take no responsibility for my opinions. The opinions stated in this blog do not necessarily represent those of the owner, moderator, and sole contributor of this blog, because even I don’t really listen to what I’m saying.

3) I do not find myself particularly entertaining. If I entertain you by means of blog, that is not my intention. Being un-entertaining is also not my intention. I do not intend to invoke any manner of emotional response (including no response) from the reader. If the reader is entertained, I am surprised.

4) If my blog causes dizziness, headaches, loose stools, dementia, upset stomach, loss of motor skills, convulsion, hives, drymouth, unproductivity, drowsiness, conception, sudden loss of sex drive, seizures, shortness of breath, restlessness, scorching of the colon, decapitation, increased sex drive, depression, spontaneous combustion, or unexpected temporal displacement, I will take credit, but no responsibility.

Why you gotta’ bring up old stuff?
-Riley Freeman


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