“What do I wanna work for?”

July 7, 2009

Tully's Coffee in Hazel Dell Square

Tully's Coffee in Hazel Dell Square

The weight of National Blog Posting Month 2009 has been weighing heavy on Extroverted Introversion, so let’s take a moment and enjoy a 2% Vanilla Latte with (light on the syrup) and give the ranting a rest. Tully’s Coffee is also nice enough to provide free WiFi access, so that puts them a few ticks above the Starbucks that’s right around the corner from home. I’d chide Starbucks for not offering free WiFi, but they know that their patrons will cough up the $3.99 if they want it bad enough. This is America, folks. Why offer things for free when an acceptable number of people will willingly pay for it? That would be why Starbucks has record label, a gene splicing research division, and a space shuttle, and Tully’s is serving milkshakes.

I guess it would be silly to ask where my free insurance is at this point. Anyways, Obama’s got more pressing matters on his mind.

“Before we reclaim global leadership, we must first stop eating six sausages and a pound of eggs covered in syrup for breakfast, and we must stop leaving the house in sweatpants.”


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