“So long, farewell…”

July 19, 2009

As you can see, I’m free from the ritualistic bounds of National Blog Posting Month (good riddance, by the way). In farewell to NaBloPoMo09, I will say again that encouraging the masses to participate in daily blog posting does nothing but dilute our collective consciousness. Unless you’re using i as a writing exercise (*ahem*), I can see no benefit in encouraging such an act as mass daily blogging.

Au Lait @ The Fresh Pot on Hawthorne

Au Lait @ The Fresh Pot on Hawthorne

It’s been a fun-filled weekend, with one of many highlights being my return to Powell’s on Hawthorne Blvd. Since the move to Vancouver, and my adoption of Mon Ami as my local home-away-from-home, I’ve been without my fill of indie bookstore coffee shops. I must say, while their rotation of graphic novels leaves something to be desired, I can pickup a hardcover anthology of Hemingway short stories for twelve bucks, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Tis’ late. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow or Tuesday for more.

“…auf Wiedersehen, good night.”


2 Responses to ““So long, farewell…””

  1. cfblack Says:

    Hello, well I was just thinking of starting NaBloPoMo09 and read your post. Maybe I won’t… The AuLait looks good.

    • jappling Says:

      Aw, just because I say it’s a horrible idea doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support your endeavor. =)

      I simply believe you should post because you are moved to do so, and not because you are being told to.

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