“Why you bringin’ up old stuff?”

October 17, 2009

Life’s been pretty hectic, so no new material sadly. An associate (actually two) of mine, however, recently reported purchasing a Nintendo Wii and having wicked fun with it. Regardless of whether or not I believe the Wii is wicked fun or not, this prompted me to revisit one of my favorite posts from the old Extroverted Introversion site, which I’ll likely be putting a wrecking ball sometime soon. Anyways, without further ado, I present:

Top 10 Wii-related accidents (as reported by wiihaveaproblem.com).

1. Crack in television

2. Hole in window

3. Wiimote-shaped dent in wall

4. Shattered 4-inch PDA screen

5. Severed blade from ceiling fan

6. Broken chair from Zelda fishing

7. Hole in mother-in-law’s china cabinet

8. Four stitches in index finger

9. Black eye on girlfriend

10. Bruise on infant son’s head

Impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the Playstation3-related incidents (as reported by juliosus.com):

1. Impregnation of virgin girlfriend.

2. Sold nuclear weapons to North Korea.

3. Psychological trauma suffered by PS3 deconstructing the nature of your reality and existence during a par-4 in Tiger Woods 2009.

4. Near-appointment to highest position in the Holy Catholic Church.

5. Created, destroyed matter.

6. Impregnation of virgin boyfriend.

7. Following a power outage, powered self using electronic energy of inhabitants of household while simulating an imperceptibly similar virtual reality to keep them oblivious to their enslavement.

8. Defeated Chuck Norris in unarmed, hand-to-hand combat. Ate him to absorb his power.

9. Demanded animal sacrifice before loading game data.

10. Deletion of Turbografx 64 from past or future existence.

“…a bold effort perhaps to do away with the grind of random button mashing, but in practice its really only replacing it with random stick waggling.”
“Yahtzee” Croshaw


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