“Come on ride the train…”

October 27, 2009

Grounds Central Station on Urbanspoon

Grounds Central Station

Hm, that jet tea thing looks interesting. Figures I wouldn't notice it when it was right in front of my face.

Despite rather glaring evidence to the contrary I’m not a morning coffee person. The vast majority of my morning coffee purchases end with an empty coffee cup, a groan, and a vow never to purchase coffee before noon ever again. Unfortunately my need to be a consumer tends to override my anti-coffee sentiment, just as my desire to burn time during the twilight hours kills off all hope of me seeing a sunrise. I’ve found that diluting the coffee in milk–hence my recent Au Lait kick–helps me handle morning coffee. Espresso, however, will handle me no matter how I dress it up. If I love my body, then naturally I would avoid any scenario which would result in wee-hours espresso, yes?

Come on. You know me.

confusing punch card

To say their punch-card system is damned confusing is putting it lightly. Shouldn't I have earned a free jacket or something by now?

Grounds Central Station on Fourth Plain Blvd. is entirely to blame for my morning indigestion. I, naturally, am not to blame since my being a consumer is a medical disability with which I have battled for most of my late adolescent and young adult life. Typically I stop in on “Tightwad Tuesday” for the ultra-discount espresso drinks, and maybe on Thursdays because it’s double-punchcard day. Not only is GCS inconveniently close to my workplace, but they also only serve espresso drinks. This is not surprising, since anyone who wants coffee bad enough to drive up to a wooden box in a parking lot at 7am probably isn’t looking for Decaf French Roast Folgers. Additionally, the no-drip option has had the added effect of making me sound like an absolute tool when I try to be kind to my system in the morning (“80z. 2% vanilla latte, light syrup”).

Anyways, once I finally earn a free kitten with this punch card, I’ll probably take a hiatus from obsessive consumption. I’ve been less inclined to compulsively spend money since I started treating my capitalism with mercury.

Hare: Waiter! There’s a hair in my soup!
Hatter: “Is it blonde?
We’re missing a wiatress!


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