“Merry Christmas!” or “Does Solon Cure Fanboy-ism?”

December 25, 2009

"Wild" Snuggie

The iPhone, the Large Hadron Collider, the Snuggie. We've truly arrived as a species.

In my book, Douglas Coupland’s latest novel Generation A will go with the similarly dystopian Girlfriend in a Coma and the infamous jPod in my “Why Doug, why?” category. Generation A drank deeply from the Vonnegut well, to the point of quoting Vonnegut in the epigraph and even pulling the title from the quote. Now I love Vonnegut as much as the next guy, but the next guy happens to be the leader of the “Why Kurt, why?” fan club. No, no, I won’t whine and cry and demand that Doug write novels to cater to my whimsical demands, but I will say that Doug is 0/2 for re-hashing his old novels–Generation X is better than Generation A, and Microserfs is better than jPod. The Gum Thief, by the way, was balls-to-the-wall awesome.

I love you Doug. I will buy your next novel without thinking. Be my friend?

The graphic novel section of Barnes & Noble.

Loitering in the graphic novel section on Christmas Eve. Geez, it's like I'm twenty-five again.

I also gifted myself with two of the three books of the Marvel Ultimatum series on Christmas Eve. Shockingly violent, but entertaining enough for me to read one in Barnes & Noble, buy the second, read the second while eating a gyro, return to Barnes & Noble, and buy the third. It seemed deliciously Coupland-esque to see plot being moved forward by gore, tragedy, and homicide. Who doesn’t want to see Dr. Strange constricted until his head turns a gruesome beet purple and explodes? Well…most most don’t, since the series was almost universally s**t on by critics. Well, Generation A was nominated for The Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and Girlfriend in a Coma is considered by critics to be one Coupland’s strongest novels to date, so what do I know?

I had hoped to be reporting on The Blend Juice and Java, but it appears that they’ve gone the way of the dodo. *Sigh* So it goes.

Anyways, Merry Christmas all.

Craig: Isn’t it weird that Hotmail accounts still exist?
Bev: It really is.


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