“You’ve already won me over, in spite of me.”

March 6, 2010

Sahagun on Urbanspoon
The undertone of all advertising and marketing is that we’ve got waaaaay too much stuff, and as a society we’ve long since abandoned practical need as the primary motivator for acquiring stuff. It’s largely that reason that advertising has become as so exceedingly absurd. For example, the only possible reason a company like CocaCola needs to continue their aggressive advertising campaign is so  no one stops and asks what the heck cola actually is. They have one of the most recognizable brands on the planet, yet they spend millions on advertising. Chances are, their product is killing you.

Chocololate display at Sahagun

Can you feel the choco-love?

The opposite is true with Sahagun in downtown Portland. An establishment can’t have that big of a reputation and be that small, in that location and not have something special to offer. Now I haven’t liked chocolate since a minor bout with cavities ruined it for me when I was 12, but I’ve never stopped appreciating it being done well. While the Sahagun specialty is chocolate, I was curious if my pro-coffee-anti-supersweet M.O. would dampen my experience. Much to my surprise and delight, both my desire for a non-sweet drink (cocoa latte) and my fiancee’s need for some endorphin-engaging hot chocolate were both satisfied. Having tried their cocoa latte and a sip of their hot chocolate, the mocha can’t possibly be anything less than phenomenal.

Cocoa latte

The cocoa-latte: it ain't sweet, but I love it anyway.

If you like chocolate then you will want to live in Sahagun Chocolates. Unfortunately there just isn’t enough room. There’s just enough room for owner  and primary chocolateer Elizabeth Montes to perform her chocolate alchemy, but not much more.  Accommodations be damned, good chocolate is good chocolate. In the couple minutes we spent fumbling together our orders, a line of about six slowly built itself and extended out the door. Considering the size of the place, that’s not saying much, but it’s just another indication that Montes serves up something special (check out her story here).

You would think that a coffee shop loiterer like myself would be turned off by an establishment with only four seats. Of course, I am a fan of window seats, so, in theory, I’ve found an establishment with only window seats. You can’t beat that.


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