Insomnia: the coffee, not the condition

May 30, 2010

Insomnia Coffee Company on UrbanspoonI didn’t know much about the greater Hillsboro/Beaverton area. Now that I’ve been there, I can tell you that there’s a Five Guys, a Costco, a Blockbuster Video, and some sort of creepy Nike campus out that direction, but that’s about it. Well, a musical diversion brought me out that direction a few days back, and since I’ve been out of touch due to poor health and matrimonial adventures (no relation between the two), I figure I may as well pick up as if nothing ever happened.


Inside Insomnia Coffee Co.

It sure looks exciting from here.

Insomnia Coffee Company has got it going on. On a Friday evening they had the place packed with a mostly young crowd that made me recall the insomnia of my youth spent at coffee shops sucking down mochas at 2am. Insomnia, which reportedly took off like a shotgun in Spring 2007 represents the best case scenario of coffee shop business ventures. The environment bleeds charisma, largely due to the high volume of business, which surprised me for a Friday evening, since Portlanders are normally at bars. Then again, this isn’t Portland, and Insomnia seems to have established itself as a hub of…well…a hub, period. There was just plain a lot of people there. I bring this up because in my Northwest coffee experience, most big coffee shops aren’t crowded, and most crowded coffee shops aren’t big. Insomnia was big–and busy.

Insomnia seems to keep to a regular schedule of musical acts, which brings my to my only criticism. With it’s high ceilings and cavernous architecture, Insomnia is not well-suited for live music. From onstage, the chatter of the audience was nearly a roar. While there were plenty of bodies to absorb sound, there were twice as many surfaces to reflect it. Barring a captive, silent audience–which I don’t think would suit the vibe–engineering a comfortable listening environment would be tricky.

Inside Insomnia Coffee Co.

I think I was supposed to be playing an instrument or something on stage, not taking pictures.

Since I spent most of my visit occupied by my musical commitments, I had little time to scope the menu (I had the fruit Sangria decaf tea and my legal life companion had a pear Italian soda) though I’m going to go ahead and say that the menu and the music aren’t as important as the mood. Just take a glance at their blog and you realize that Insomnia is a community center–a place for pals. Whether you’re chatting with your friend over an au lait or supporting a friend performing on stage, check out Insomnia Coffee Co. and bring a buddy.


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