“jaqtaHvIS Daq ghoSpu’bogh pagh ghoSqangbej.”

September 1, 2010

Non-Klingon Translation: “To boldly go where no one has gone before.”

Star Trek uniforms for sale.

Okay, it may look goofy now, but in the future we'll all dress that way.

From Apple Stores to Natural Food supermarkets, there’s a certain excitement in bringing together people united by a common rabid fanaticism passion. It’s rare in our day and age to find gatherings of the genuinely passionate (*insert orgy joke here*). No, don’t say it: “What about Facebook groups?” Sorry, but no. Facebook groups are to passion what Spaghetti O’s are to Italian cuisine.

I’m talking the people who pay exorbitant sums of money to purchase four-day passes to a Las Vegas Star Trek convention—the largest Trek-themed event in existence. Dressing up as Klingons and bridge officers, and cheering with genuine geek-tastic glee as supporting cast members of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sing Trek-themed karaoke. That’s passion. Irrational, uncontrollable, and, quite honestly, shameless passion.

While I  spent more time than I care to admit searching for the perfect Starfleet Academy t-shirt, my geek-lifemate and I exhibited more “elevated enthusiasm” than passion. Wearing our “Captain’s Chair” weekend passes like high school letterman’s

Vegas Hilton

The Vegas Hilton, by pure coincidence, looks like a warp core.

jackets, we were shamed only by the truly passionate “Gold” pass holders. When it was all said and done—really came away from the weekend a handful of signed photos and one Thursday night extravaganza (which, rumor has it, trumped the Captain’s Chair party) ahead.

I got to enjoy the whole gamut of Trek actors including the oddly charming bitchiness of John De Lancie, Avery Brooks who seemed to surprise everyone with his hip eccentricity, the warm gratitude of Leonard Nimoy, and William Shatner who pretty much was what you’d expect. Sir Patrick Stewart made a brief Saturday cameo before his Sunday appearance, gracefully crashing the Nimoy/Shatner fireside chat in a gesture that said: “It costs $79 to see each of you guys and $149 to see me. What, bitches?”

I slept with Kirk

For the record, I most certainly did not.

With the exception of $250 tickets to private meet and greets with actors (too rich for my blood), the best moments were free. More than anything else, it was moments when former cast members made unscheduled appearances to greet their old buddies, and talked to each other with the same casual camaraderie that their characters displayed that really gave the fans the moments they so desperately wanted. Of course, guilt-free trek gush-fests with other fans (“I’m telling you, Voyager gets really good in the later seasons…”) are priceless as well, but if I want that I just wear my Starfleet Academy t-shirt in public. Believe me, closet trekkies will not only take notice, but will out themselves faster than a Scalosian after a triple espresso.

Oh yeah. I went there.


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