“Today, on Thatcher’s Coffee…”

October 12, 2010

The interior of Thatcher's Coffee

The soundstage where Thatcher's Coffee is filmed. I'm in the studio audience.

Thatcher's Coffee on UrbanspoonKudos to Thatcher’s Coffee who followed up the unspectacular chai from my first visit with a vanilla honey soy latte (hint: light syrup)  that rocked my socks so hard I was able to look past the fact that the place made me feel like I was being served from a Bed, Bath, and Beyond gift registry. Even their chalkboard menu was pristine. For all the jars, mugs, cookbooks, cookie-alchemy machines, and such, I would have expected to see a larger display of baked goods. Also in spite of the cubic half-acre of space Thatcher’s gives its customers, it still seemed as if the employees had sufficient space for a raquetball court behind the counter.

Can a coffee shop be too nice looking? All I can say is if Thatcher’s were a person, it would be better looking than its employees (who are all reasonably handsome people) and patrons (or, at least me). That doesn’t seem like it should matter, but the polish of their interior design leaves me walking away wanting more. Martha Stewart should be making me lemon bars and pacifying me with her soothing voice. Rachel Ray should be ringing up my order with that insane grin of hers. Giada de Laurentis should be measuring espresso shots as I’m hypnotized by her gratuitously excessive face size.

I’m not sure what I’m talking about anymore. So here’s Martha Stewart and Conan O’Brien in Thatcher’s Coffee.


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