As you may or may not have realized, I am a fan of the coffee shop experience. As a service to those looking for a good cup o’ joe, here’ s a list of shops that have come up in my blogventures and possibly received my patronage. Please note that just because I give them money or blog about them, does not necessarily mean that I think they are awesome or endorse them in any way. This statement also applies to people as well as coffee establishments.

Over time, this list will expand and I will elaborate upon it. As you can imagine, I’ve been to more coffee shops than these, but I’m limiting the list to those that have been featured (one way, or another…) here at Caffeinated Counterculture. For those who would like to retrace the steps of my life and want some coffee along the way, have at it.


One Response to “My Life, in Caffeine”

  1. […] several this week, after all. I’ve also begun cataloging my coffee adventures on the “My Life in Caffeine” page, so give it a looksee if you like more info on some of the spots I’ve graced with […]

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