Mom, you really know how to hydrate a pizza.

June 26, 2009

San Francisco Airport - Free coffee from

San Francisco Airport - Free coffee courtesy of

Woke up in Palm Springs at 4:30 AM to catch a flight. Used the wireless internet to prepare a blog post about a Canadian show that ran its course in 2008 that I’m catching up with through online streaming video. Forgot my Lakewood shuttle reservation and pulled it from my email using my mobile phone (fortunately the terminal had a USB wall charger for free use). Landed in San Francisco at 8:30 AM, where I plugged into the wireless network using a Boingo subscription I picked up five months ago in New York. Tried to catch a friend in San Francisco whose number I didn’t have, so I tossed him a facebook message and found out he was back in Boston, which reminded me that I needed to update a document from a a tech conference which I had left on a 2 gig Mini card back in Palm Springs. My flight was late so I called my fiancee, who I missed terribly. I then napped for an hour on the floor.

Caught my flight at 11:47 AM and, upon reaching cruising altitude, watched a video game review (produced by a British-born Australian) which I had downloaded several hours prior. Was delayed in catching my shuttle since my carry-on luggage was checked when an elderly gentleman took the last overhead bin with a box containing a set of digital picture frames. After another short nap, I would be further delayed when the descending escalator in the terminal wouldn’t allow me to reach floor 3 of the parking garage, and a malfunctioning GPS system held up my shuttle. Somehow I was able to get back to my mother’s home in Tacoma by 5:30 PM where I prepared a frozen pizza before watching ’90s cartoon on reruns YouTube with my brother. Finished up by buying a 2002 comic using a borrowed Barnes & Noble membership accessed via cell phone number.

Just another run-of-the-mill 21st century day.


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